“… the piano performance, completed with great public success by Monica Leone, was of great musical intelligence and perfect technical mastery. It arrived to the admiration of those who have listened to her in Salone Brunelleschi with all the unspeakable charm and inventive force of the Goldberg Variations. (…) Bach also emerged in all its prophetic power, almost like a forerunner of the stunning Beethoven and Brahms’ pianism". (L. Pinzauti)

"… The highest point reached by the pianist arrived, however, with the Saraband (var. 25), where the structural complexity of chord progressions has been highlighted in a most wise to dwell on the key steps, simultaneously colouring the melody with a lyricism that there closer to Mozart's last concerts for piano and orchestra. Finally it should be stressed the anthemic brio with which it has been performed the Quodlibet finale (var. 30) (…)". (S. Iacoviello)

"At the end of the 85 uninterrupted minutes of piano music in the hall of the Chigiana was heard to exclaim: "It's been wonderful". The spontaneous demonstration was directed to Monica Leone that played the "Aria with 30 Variations" by Bach, awakening unconditional admiration (…). At the end a long ovation marked the tribute to the fabulous pianist: a compliment well deserved…" (A. Botarelli)

"… She sits at the piano as one who comes close to meditative experience, she focuses - or perhaps waiting for the last cough is over? Student, as we explained at length in another article, of the students of the great Neapolitan Maestro Vincenzo Vitale, Monica puts her hands on the piano as taught by Vitale, in a state of complete physical and mental relaxation, where the physical is put at the service of the spiritual fact (…). An antistar pianist, everything tends to serve the music and the ability to concentrate emerges in a an extraordinary intensity of effect. Absent of showmanship, and the other trappings with which other virtuosi of new generations create a personality (…)". (P. Totaro)

“… Leone drew the phrases out, elongating them and introducing a tone nuanced expressiveness (…)”. (P. McCallum)

"… The performance of the Goldberg at the Conservatory was by far the best that this reporter has heard in Australia, for depth of interpretation, stylistic perfection, communicability, but especially to the supreme honesty of an artist who makes no concessions to effect for showing confidence in the public's ability to understand music is (…)". (P. Totaro)

"... Monica Leone, pianist capable of delicate refinements…". (F. Ermini Polacci)

“… And what was heard at the Comunale Theatre (Vicenza), was the opportunity to appreciate the crisp and clear touch of Monica Leone…". (C. Galla)

"… Exceptional Soloist: prodigious technique and uncommon sensitivity featured a piano performance (Beethoven's Concerto op. 58) all played on chiaroscuro…". (F. Greco)